2015 International Emergency Conferences

2015 Vietnam International Emergency Medicine Conference
Sponsored by: Vietnam Society of Emergency Medicine and GSMDM

Date: March 9-13, 2015

Place: Halong Bay, Vietnam

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EM Leadership ConferenceSponsored by VSEM

Monday March 9, 2015 
Location: Grand Hall


Tuesday March 10, 2015 
Location: Grand Hall

8:00 amThrombolytic Therapy: Who’s In, Who’s Out, How Much?
Mai Duy Ton, MD
8:20 am

What Options Are Available Other Than Systemic Thrombolysis?

Adan Atrihan, MD

8:40 am

What Should I Do for the Patient Who Gets Worse after Thrombolysis?

Hanh Pham, MD

9:00 amOpening Ceremony9:00 am

Management of Stroke Under EMS in Japan

Hideharu Tanaka, MD

9:30 am

Keynote Address

Jim Holliman, MD

9:20 amQuestions and Answers
10:15 amBreak9:40 amBreak
10:30 am

Stroke Care from Prehospital to ICU: What Are the Issues?

Evie Marcolini, MD

10:00 am

The CT Shows Blood: What Next?  Further Medical Imaging Options.
Molly Mulfur, MD

11:15 am

Do Regional Stroke Centers Improve Outcome?
Thailand Ministry of Public Health

10:20 am

How Do I Treat the Patient with Hemorrhagic Stroke?

Donna Venezia, MD

10:40 am

What About the Stroke Patient Who Takes a “Blood Thinner?”

Joe Lex, MD

11:00 am

When Do I Start Antiplatelet Therapy in the Patient with Stroke?

Joe Lex, MD

11:20 amQuestions and Answers
12:00 pmLunch12:00 pmLunch

Location: Lecture Hall 1
Prehospital & ED Stroke Care

1:00 pm

Using the NIHSS: What Are Its Benefits and Pitfalls

Ashley Bean, MD

1:00 pm

What Is the Role of Ventriculostomy, Hemicraniectomy, and Local Thrombolysis in the Patient with Hemorrhagic Stroke?

Carolina Maciel, MD

1:20 pm

What Is the Role Blood Pressure, Glucose, and Temperature in the Patient with Acute Stroke?

Kim Lim, MD

1:40 pm

What Stroke Chameleons Do I Need To Know?

Steve Huff, MD

1:40 pm

What About the Young Person with Stroke?

Susan Torrey, MD

2:00 pm

What Happens to the Post-Stroke Patient Who Does Not Get Therapy? The Natural Course of Stroke?

Ann McIntosh, MD

2:20 pm

Can I Accurately Read the CT Scan in a Patient With Stroke Symptoms
Vu Dang Luu, MD

2:20 pmQuestions and Answers
3:00 pmBreak2:40 pmBreak
3:20 pm

Hypothermia After Stroke
Kees Polderman, MD

4:00 pmRound Table Questions & Answers3:00 pm

Where Do I Send the Stroke Patient after Emergency Department Care?

Amy Noland, MD

3:20 pm

What Post-Stroke Therapies Improve Outcomes? Who Does Post-Stroke Evaluation?

Gene Hern, MD

3:40 pm

The Post-Stroke Patient 30 Days Later: Why Do They Come Back?

Mike Smith, MD

4:00 pm

Teaching the Vietnamese Population About Preventing Stroke
Nguyen Dat Anh, MD

4:20 pmQuestions and Answers
Course Co-Chairs: Joseph Lex, MD and Evie Marcolini, MD
2015 EM SymposiumSponsored by: VSEM

Wednesday Mar 11, 2015

Thursday Mar 12, 2015

Friday Mar 13, 2015

8:00 am

Introductory Remarks

Evie Marcolini, MD

Overview of Neurologic Emergencies / How to Do a Focused, High-Yield Neurologic Exam

Joanne Williams, MD

Management of Seizures and Status Epilepticus from Prehospital to Disposition

Carolyn McCue, MD

9:30 amBreakBreakBreak
10:00 am

The Patient with Altered Mental Status or Coma

Matthew Mostofi, MD

Managing the Patient with Brain and Spinal Cord Injury
Michael Schick, MD

11:30 amLunchLunchLunch
1:00 pm

Management of Meningitis, Encephalitis, and Other CNS Infections

Vietnamese Version

Do Ngoc Son, MD

2:30 pmBreakBreakBreak
3:00 pm

Neurological Emergencies in Special Groups: The Very Old and Very Young

Susan Torrey, MD


Cecil James (Jim) Holliman, M.D. - Keynote speaker
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Department of Emergency Medicine

Luther Kristian Arnold, M.D., M.P.H, FACEP – Leadership Symposium Chair
Chair, ACEP Ambassador Program
Assistant Professor (Retired), Emergency Medicine
Boston University School of Medicine

Joe Lex, M.D., FACEP, FAAEM - Symposium Co-Chair
Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine
Temple University School of Medicine

Evie Marcolini MD - Symposium Co-Chair
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Yale University School of Medicine
New Haven, Connecticut

James Ramseier, M.D. – Workshop Coordinator
Attending Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine
Valley Hospital Medical Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

Michelle "Mickey" Guerrero RN, BSN – Nursing Symposium Chair
Nursing Advisor, Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministry
Clinical Supervisor III, Emergency Department
Valley Medical Center, Emergency
Las Vegas, Nevada