Cao Bang Family Health Center

On the bottom floor, the clinic has:

• 6 Private Exam Rooms
• 1 Emergency Room
• 1 Pharmacy
• 1 Patient Room
• 1 Waiting Room
• 4 Bathrooms
• 1 Nurses’ Station
• 1 Reception Desk
• 1 Storage Closet
On the second floor, the clinic has:

• 1 Conference Room
• 2 Administrative Offices
• 2 Staff Rooms
• 1 Staff Lounge
• 1 IT Room
• 4 Bathrooms
• 1 Flex Space

Also on the grounds is a covered motorbike parking lot and a healing garden.
GSMDM has been serving the people of Cao Bang, Vietnam for many years. During this time, we worked with numerous local doctors and came across multiple local health clinics. These clinics often lacked basic medical equipment and have inadequate medical supplies. This is the current clinic in the ward of Song Hien, Cao Bang, which serves 10,000 people.
It soon became clear to us that the people here have a pressing need for a new health clinic to better serve their people.

In 2003, GSMDM had explored building a health clinic in Vietnam, but it did not come to fruition. Seeing the need for a clinic now in Cao Bang, we took everything we had learned from the past and worked closely with the local Department of Health in Cao Bang to customize the clinic to best suit their needs and meet both US and Vietnam standards. From there, we worked with March Studio Architecture Firm in Santa Monica, CA along with the construction company in Vietnam to finalize the design for the new clinic we committed to build for them.
The province of Cao Bang then designated this piece of land for us to build the new clinic:
The Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on September 10, 2019. GSMDM brought a team from the US and presented the design to the people of the province. Also in attendance were local officials, physicians, and other community leaders.
Our team then quickly went to work, aiding the Vietnam construction team by working on the rebar while the machines drove support columns into the ground.

Our team spent two weeks in Vietnam, working side-by-side with the Vietnam team. During their long work days, the team got to know the locals in the area, who first came by the worksite out of curiosity, but then later returned out of camaraderie.
We sent a second team from the US in February 2020 to continue helping the Vietnam team build the clinic. Our focus on this trip was electricity and plumbing, bringing with us multiple professionals in the field. By this time, not only had the clinic grown greatly, but the friendships had as well!
Unfortunately, recent events have made it impossible for us to travel to Vietnam; we had to cancel our April, July, and October 2020 trips. However, we continue to support our team in Vietnam by communicating with them regularly via videoconference, phone calls, emails, and text messaging to ensure quality control and provide solutions to any issues that may arise.

Below are photos of the clinic as of September 3, 2020. At this time, we have completed the electricity and plumbing of both floors and are 95% done with the walls. The flooring is set to go in and cabinets are being fitted.
The expected completion date of the Song Hien Clinic is Summer 2021. We look to furnish and equip the clinic soon after the completion date by sending over a container of equipment and supplies from California. At this time, we still have not raised the total amount needed to complete the building of the clinic and to fully equip it. If you would like to contribute to this cause, you can donate online at GSMDM Donation , or you can mail a check or money order payable to GSMDM to 4343 Market Street, Suite D, Riverside, CA 92501. Please put “Clinic” in the memo. Thank you!
We have faith that this clinic will help the people of Cao Bang provide better medical care for their people. We will continue to play an active role by using this facility as a teaching clinic, sending our physicians from the US to train the local physicians, in addition to helping them treat their patients live from the US through modern telecommunications equipment.

Thank you for your interest in our work, and your love and support for the people of Vietnam!